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August 05, 2020 4 min read

Does size matter when buying a diamond? This is a question so many couple ask when making their first diamond purchase. Carat weight is a factor to consider when buying a diamond but can cause some confusion when it comes to weighing up diamond quality vs diamond size! Is it better to have a bigger diamond or better quality?

Before deciding on the size of your diamond it is important to understand how a diamond is measured and the different factors which you should take into account. In this article we will outline everything you should consider before choosing your diamonds size!

How Is A Diamond Measured?

The size of a diamond is measured by its carat weight, 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. It is important to note that carat weight is a unit of weight and does not necessarily represent the visual size of a diamond. The visual size of a diamond is measured by its surface area, some diamond shapes are deeper and therefore have a smaller surface area for their carat weight. Similarly, some diamonds have a shallower cut and look larger thanks to their bigger surface area.

For example, although an oval and a cushion cut diamond might both weigh 1 carat, the oval looks larger as it has a larger carat weight. This cushion cut has a smaller carat weight as a larger proportion of its weight is carried below its surface.

When you are buying a diamond engagement ring, the first thing you should consider is your budget, come up with a budget that you think is reasonable to spend on an engagement ring - from there you will be able to consider what options are best for you! Once this is determined, the next aspects to look into are, diamond shape, diamond quality & diamond size:

1. Diamond Shape

Diamond shape is the first thing to consider once you have arranged your budget. The shape of the diamond is the starting point of your engagement ring design and each ring is created to accentuate and highlight its center diamond. Choosing a diamond shape can definitely affect your budget, as some diamonds appear particularly large for their carat weight. Oval shaped, marquise & princess cut diamonds are all diamond shapes, which have a large surface area and therefore larger for their size. Opting for one of these diamond shapes could be a great way of making your center diamond look as big as possible for your budget.

Another thing to consider when choosing a diamond shape is the price, round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular by far and therefore the most expensive. If you are looking to maximise the size of your diamond for your budget we recommend opting for a fancy shaped diamond - this will allow you to choose a slightly higher carat weight for your budget. 

2. Diamond Quality

Each diamond is graded by the 4C’S cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. It is these four factors which mostly determine the price of the diamond based on its size & quality. Make sure you read through our 4C’s guide which will give you an understanding of these factors. 

3. Diamond Size

With most of our clients, the carat weight of the diamond they choose is often dictated by their budget. Generally when buying a diamond, the higher the carat weight, the more expensive it is. We recommend choosing a carat weight which is reasonable for you & your budget. 

Once you have considered the above three points you can start to make a decision about where to make compromises in terms of choosing your diamond. Do you prefer a bigger lower quality diamond or a smaller, higher quality diamond?

Considering A Lab Grown Diamond

If diamond size is a factor which is important to you and you would prefer a larger diamond, we would recommend opting for a lab created diamond. Lab diamonds are 100% real diamonds, which are man made by scientists in the laboratory. They are 40-60% less expensive than mined diamonds, which means that you can choose a bigger & better quality diamond without compromise. Opting for a lab grown diamond allows you to stretch your budget and essentially opt for a better diamond. 

More young couples are opting for lab grown diamonds thanks to their affordable pricing, stunning sparkle & sustainable benefits!

Overall, diamond size should definitely be a consideration when buying a lab grown or a mined diamond. Make sure you choose a carat weight which suits your style and budget. Remember to consider diamond shapes with a large surface area to maximise your budget! Buying a diamond is a very unique purchase which symbolises your relationship with your partner, choose the diamond that suits her style the best!

In conclusion, we would say: Yes, the size of a diamond does matter - but this really depends on your preference. Would you prefer to impress your partner with a statement lab grown diamond or opt for the traditional mined diamonds? Buying a diamond is extremely personal to you & your relationship which means there is no right or wrong answer, whatever works for you is best! 

Quick Tip:

If you’re looking into buying a lab grown diamond or a mined diamond for the first time, make sure you have a good idea of the 4C’s. To maximise your budget for your diamond engagement ring we recommend the following tips:

  1. Choose a G-H colour diamond, these colour grades are extremely beautiful and white which cost less than premium color diamonds (D, E & F colour).
  2. Choose a diamond which has an elongated shape and a larger surface area to ensure your diamond looks as big as possible.
  3. Choose a lab grown diamond instead of a mined diamond so you can choose a larger diamond for the same price

Don’t forget to check out our range of exquisite loose lab grown diamonds!

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